Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Thanks everyone for the comments. I try to answer them as I see them and then can't remember who I responded to. Sometimes it's hard to find a way to respond.

On the Quilting Arts DVD for Season 1 I saw Jane Dunnewold make a stencil from fusible interfacing by sandwiching net between 2 pieces of the fusible. It needs to be painted on both sides with acrylic paint and heat set when dry to seal it.
I used this circle template to create a design and made a print.This one was done using a sponge, and I tend to be heavy handed, so it is a bit blobby.
I like it much better with a stencil brush . I used a coarse netting to add texture. With some of the cutout pieces, I made another design.
The blobby print left me cold, so I added another color with the stencil brush and rather like it.
I took a class from Beth Kennedy where we did a similar thing using file folders instead of interfacing and making a positive and a negative stencil.

Here are the prints using the file folder stencils. They are a little firmer, but we'll see how all of them hold up. As you can see, neither cleans up too well, but the leftover paint doesn't seem to transfer to the new print.


Purple Missus said...

What a great idea Sandy and a good way to get texture.

Sue B said...

cool stuff Sandy. I think I need to get one of those circle templates. That looks like a handy tool to have.