Friday, January 23, 2009

Class Tester

Thank you to everyone who visits. The blog keeps me producing, so I'll have something to share.

Sorry that the picture is sideways. I've uploaded a number of times, and it won't do anything else-not a good way to start the day. This is a vase I made testing the last lesson for Sueb for the Box Making Class starting soon. I did the edges on the serger but like the machine zigzag edges better.

Isn't this box a great idea? It wasn't hard to make. As you can see, the computer didn't put this one the right way either. They are both correct in my picture file. Oh well, normal fight with the computer.


MargaretR said...

You are a wonder Sandy. I'm convinced you have more hours to your days than I have :)

Sue B said...

don't you hate it when the computer won't cooperate!

Delighted Hands said...

Wow, Sandy, I never thought to try the fabric bowls on my serger-daring! these are pretty, btw!

Sandra said...

Lovely pieces those boxes.

Aussie Jo said...

Lovely work on your blog Sandy, I actually did a double take on this one, I thought the vase was a coffin!!!!