Friday, September 19, 2008


We also transferred toner, injet, and lazer copies to fabric in the Wendy Huhn workshop. One technique used paperless paper which is a special paper that dissolves completely. It is the bottom image and is clearer.
Did you know that you can coat an image with medium using many coats and when they are dry dissolve the paper to get a translucent image? I didn't. It takes a while, because each coat has to dry before the next one is applied. I did learn that an image with open space looks better.
And then there was the thermofax. The screens are fun to use. I did like most of the techniqes best on the sheer curtaining that the leaves are on.The screen can also be used to put on the glue for foiling. Be sure to wash the screen right away. The gold on black is very dramatic in person.


Sue B said...

Sandy these are all very cool but that thermofax one - wow!

linda stokes said...

Sounds like a fascinating workshop Sandy - great samples.

Purple Missus said...

Wonderful samples Sandy. Makes it all worthwhile when you actually learn something new.
Love the Thermofax sample. Very detailed. I would love one of those machines but can't seem to get them over here yet.