Wednesday, September 17, 2008


For 2 days last week I was in a workshop presented by Wendy Huhn. If you ever get to take a class from her, I highly recommend it. We learned so much about how to transfer images. Here is the first installment of my samples.
These are xylene transfers. It is an architect's pen and needs to be used outdoors with a respirator and solvent type gloves-yes, they are different. Xylene melts the others and also plastic. I worked on a corregated cardboard which gave the vertical lines. If you didn't want the lines, you would use plexiglass. It was easy to do and gave good detail. These were copies of old photographs of my parents and grandparents.
Don't you love the hats?This is a copy of a photo I took. It worked better for me than the magazine page and is on a sheer curtaining fabric. It is done with Citrasol-a cleaning product-used full strength and also needs to be done outside with a respirator. It was hard work-lots of rubbing-not my favorite way, but it can be left and finished at a later date.
Lastly for today, a rubberstamp I carved using a Dover Publication image. I've carved stamps before, but Wendy's hints made it so much easier to do a detailed one. Stay tuned for more on the workshop.


abeadlady said...

You have been a busy girl! Don't you just love the old photos? Nice work on the stamp. you must have a very steady hand.

Sue B said...

Love the vintage photo transfer, I wish people still wore hats like that.

Purple Missus said...

These are wonderful prints Sandy. Was it a very complicated process?
And what patience you must have to carve such an intricate stamp :)

Carol said...

they have turned out great, don't think I could cope with the smelly stuff very impressed with your carving

Carol said...

Sounds like you have been having lots of fun Sandy. The images are fabulous.