Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Last Wednesday I got together with friends and showed them how to make a basic necklace. Here is the one I made.
This is what you can do, if you twist 3 of them together. If you make them in lots of colors, you can have any combinations that enhances your outfit. It's fun, and everyone thinks you have made a complex beading project.


Sue said...

What lovely necklaces. What did you use to string the beads? I might have to have some bead play when I've caught up a bit on my swaps and stuff, not that I need anything to keep my quiet - laryngitis is still doing that! Best wishes to you.

Sandy said...

I used Nymo D to do the necklaces, because I have so much of it and, the original was done in a class that said to use it. Over the years the recommended thread has changed. Right now it is Fireline.
Sue, I hope you find this answer, since I can't find an email to reply to. Thanks for the comment. Sandy

Sue B said...

Sandy these are terrific! Love that second one. Great color combo in that necklace.

Sue said...

Thanks very much for the info, Sandy. I came back and found it fine!