Monday, December 3, 2012

Bead Journal Project

The last cuff of the year. For December, it had to be red. I had gotten the glass pieces at a craft show and was glad to find a place to use them. They are glued in place and then surrounded with rows of seed beads. The edge is seed beads again, since the cuff needed the ending. The closure is snaps.


Linda Stokes said...

A gorgeous cuff Sandy!
thanks for your comment.

Robin said...

Very nice and wearable too, Sandy! I can imagine that the red glass cabs are actually much more beautiful than they look in the picture... red glass has such wonderful depth!

Evanna said...

Hi Sandy. I was curious to see what you had been doing for your bead journal this year as you were kind enough to be my first 'follower' on my new blog. Love the colours on your December cuff.