Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I'm still having a lot of trouble with blogger, so if I disappear, that is why. I don't know why it let me on today, but it hasn't for weeks. Luckily, I had scheduled things in advance.

The new puppy needs lots of time, so that is one thing I have to do right now. He's a handful, but so was Jake to start, and he turned into the best dog. Mike is enrolled in puppy school now and starts next month.


Boud said...

I hope he has his notebooks and pencils ready. And a clean leash...what a dear little feller. And yes, puppies are a handful, but when they grow a bit and learn a bit, they can be transformed.

Laurence Martin said...

He is cute! Yes they are a lot to handle at the beginning but after they are so sweet.

liniecat said...

What a cutey! Is he a collie?