Friday, August 26, 2011


Each day I write down what I do fiberwise. It is a way to keep me working and really shows me if I accomplished anything. After I had completed this book with it's poor quality paper, I decided that I liked the covers on the book so well that I needed to do something with them. I took the wire binding off carefully and got rid of the cheap paper. It wasn't worth even using as background, text covered pieces. Next I cut plain and hand painted papers to size, punched the necessary holes and rebound the book using the Bind It All.

I love the cut out in the front cover showing the "centipede". I like bugs. They are so varied and interesting and sometimes have the most beautiful color schemes.
This is the only page spread I've managed to do this summer. It's mostly rubber stamps and stencils. I didn't realize how many bug related ones I had.


Barbara said...

I agree, bugs are varied and interesting, but I have a hard time getting past being grossed out to appreciate them. ;) Very attractive front cover!

Sue Bleiweiss said...

great idea to re-purpose the covers!