Friday, June 11, 2010


Here is what I finally did with the Blue Flower. It's a fabric transfer of the negative of a photo I took. It looked wrong with just the green and pink strips and needed the blue. To bring that back into the center of the quilt, I machine stitched a narrow ribbon to form a frame.
This is a piece that has been around unfinished for a while. I showed it in progress and finally decided what to do with it. The Shisha are held in place with needlelace stitches. I've never used any glue to hold them-learned how to do it long before such glues were available. The edging is 2 rows of a fuzzy yarn couched in place by machine. Somehow a regular binding didn't seem right. I tried to use beads on it, but it refused them. It's called Starflight.


Carol said...

That flower quilt is gorgeous!! The colors just really POP* * *!

Micki said...

I agree with Carol how the colors pop on the flower quilt. Love the colors of the other one, too.

Robin Mac said...

xyzzyI love both pieces Sandy - I learned that method of attaching shisha as well, but haven't used any for so long I had almost forgotten about it.