Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stitch Explorer, gifts

This month for Stitch Explorer sponsored by Sharonb we are exploring Spiral Trellis Stitch. It is a cool stitch-a needlelace one done with just the first row going through the background fabric. I found I could make a leaf shape by starting at the point and laying down stitches to form it. The lightest mound was done with stitches of different lengths which made a lacy edge but ended up with the stitches all the same, small size. The square I left open to see how that looked. The green curvy piece was just built up by skipping the last stitch of each row for a tapered edge and working back and forth rather than around as in the other examples. I like it best.

Pam sent me this wonderful quiltie for the Unlimited Textiles exchange this month of an Abstract Quiltie. It was wrapped in the lavendar paper.


Sue B said...

okay that curvy leaf is very cool!

Genie said...

lovely, also love the previous quilt, have a great weekend.
pop over to me for a give away!!

Miriam said...

I like your small leaves very much, and will try to make something like this. Thanks for sharing the pictures!