Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Postcard, Quiltie

Look what came in the mail from Jenny for this month's exchange for Calendar Girls. Wasn't she creative? It wonderful in person.

Here is my quiltie for the Unlimited Textiles exchange for October. The theme is Autumn or Halloween. It's done in felted wool with hand stitching and beading. Below is my postcard for this month's exchange of Calendar Girls. The appliques are Ultrasuede. It is hand stitched and beaded.
Lastly, the photo of the strange thing that I posted last week is the stone that was removed from my dog. It is silicate rather than the more usual calcium stone. In person it was much prettier with the red center showing more. It was very lightweight and chalky feeling.


Sue B said...

That scrabble card is way too much fun!

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