Friday, May 31, 2013


I needle felted the flower to a wool background then hand embroidered it. I use a hand needle first when I want things in a particular place and then finish with the machine. On another piece of green, I felted by machine to create an overall greenish leaf type texture. Then I cut out leaf shapes and buttonholed the edges by hand with Perle cotton. They are attached around the piece by using the perle again and a running stitch. Enough of each leaf is on the background, so the leaf is attached.

Now my problem is: Do I just put on a back and rings to hang it or do I attach it to a bigger background? Comments?


Ineke said...

I think I like it this way. You are so productive!!

McIrish Annie said...

Since I am not doing the work, (LOL)I could see another "border" or background to it.

aprilZ said...

Bigger! Keep going it's so dramatic.