Monday, March 26, 2012

Mixed Media

I had this calendar that had the coolest cover with bugs all over it. I like bugs. They are so diverse and interesting, so I decided to recycle the book by removing the pages and rebinding it with blank paper and painted paper.

 I used a real leaf as a mask and sprayed the page then added the silk leaves. The bugs are from a print fabric that I painted with the medium called glass beads. Once it was dry, I cut out the bugs and glued them to the page.

These pages were done by using stencils to put foil glue through-be sure to wash your stencils right away. Once dry I rubbed the foil over them. The photo doesn't show the glitter very well, but it is an easy, fun technique. Remember to use the foil color side up.

Update on Rooster

He's still with us and tolerated by the other one at least for now. He's showing interest in the hens and crowing, so that might not last. He is bigger and looks so much better than when he arrived.

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Sue Bleiweiss said...

great idea to recycle the book Sandy and it looks great!