Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Class, Postcard

In the class I'm taking from Susan Sorrell at, one of the inspiration sources was fungi. Several years ago I took a photo of some mushrooms on the road. In Microsoft Picture It, I used the negative function to get my colors-blues and violets. I printed it on treated fabric which is the above photo. This is the stitched version. The piece had sat in the studio for several years, because I didn't know what to do with it. Now I'm happy.

My postcard for the exchange with Calendar Girls 2008 came yesterday from Doreen It is so rich. I'm so happy with it. She did a great job interpreting the calendar photo.


Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

The mushrooms turned out incredible. Like both the negative and your stitched version.

Do you like Picture It? I bought Photoshop yesterday and am excited to learn how to use it. I'm guessing it is similar.

Sue B said...

Sandy those mushrooms are gorgeous! love that color scheme. The quiltie in the previous post is pretty fabulous too.

maggi said...

The mushrooms look fantastic - the stitching is so simple yet so effective.